Terms & Conditions


Please read the following important terms and conditions before you purchase any codes for digital games and/or content through this website.

1. Who we are?

Our Website lists various digital content, e.g. downloadable game titles and other downloadable content (“Content”). We sell on the Website official keys, issued by the publisher and/or the developer of relevant Content (“Developer”), which allow the user to unlock, access and download the relevant Content from the Developer’s platform (“Code(s)”). We are not the Developer of the Content and we do not own or operate the Developer’s platform. In addition to these Terms, you may also be subject to the Developer’s end user licence agreement and other terms related to its Content and its platform.

3. How to contact us

3.1. You can contact us through the support and ‘contact us’ links on the Website  or by logging into your User Account (defined in section 4.1) and logging a customer support request or ticket or by writing to us at hello@sports-republic.world.

3.2. If we have to contact you we will do so by the email address you provided in your User Account settings.

4. About you

4.1. In order for you to buy Codes from us through the Website you need to have a valid user account for the Website (“User Account”), have a valid payment method that we accept, be authorised to use that payment method (e.g. it is in your name or you have the right to use it) and a mobile, computer, television, watch or other supported device (“Device”) that is capable of accessing and downloading the Content. You must keep your User Account details secure and must not share them with anyone else.

4.2. If the law in your country considers you to be a minor you must have your parent’s or legal guardian’s permission to purchase Codes from us and to enter into these Terms.

4.3. Some Content are subject to age restrictions and therefore Codes for such Content will not be sold to persons who have not reached the relevant age where we are aware of this fact. You must comply with any age restrictions that may apply to the purchase and use of any Content. If the law in your country considers you to be a minor you and your parent or legal guardian are responsible for ensuring you purchase age appropriate Content.

5. Your device and data

5.1. Before you place your order you should check that the hardware and software requirements of your Device will allow you to access and download the Content. Please click on the ‘information’ button for your chosen Content for the minimum and recommended hardware and software requirements, as issued by Developer.

5.2. You are responsible for any access or data fees from third parties (such as your internet provider and mobile carrier) in connection with your use of the Website including your purchase of Codes and your downloading and access of Content. Please check the file size of your Content carefully as using too much data might mean that you exceed your data limit and you could face paying more than you were expecting.

6. Your privacy and personal data

6.1. Any personal data that you provide to us will be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Notice, which explains what personal data we collect from you, how and why we collect, store, use and share such information and your rights in relation to your personal data. Our Privacy Notice is available at privacy policy .

7. Our contract with you

7.1. Applicable terms. When buying any Codes through the Website you will be entering into a contract with us for the supply of Codes to access and download Content from the Developer’s platform. You will be legally bound by all 

Website/URL infoloveshop.com is operated by Sports REPUBLIC AB  with the registered address, under the laws of Country SWEDEN.

If you have any questions, please contact email:hello@sports-republic.world

Delivery times: 0-7 days
Open Shop: 14-day return period
Guarantee: 2-year guarantee on faulty products
Payment Terms: Our customers' money will only be withdrawn from the customer's credit or debit card account once the item has been shipped.
Legal information on the company:

Group Information

Group Name: Ventures Republic AB
Registration number: 559265-9139
Registered Address: Repslagargatan 6, Stockholm 118 46, SWEDEN

Company: Sports Republic AB
Registration number: 559063-5586
Registered Address:
Repslagargatan 6, Stockholm 118 46, SWEDEN

Office Address:
Götgatan 22A, Stockholm 118 46, SWEDEN

Phone: +46 738 319 305
Email: hello@sports-republic.world

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